Terms and Conditions
Hami System Sharif

Hami System Sharif's terms and conditions are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Electronic Commerce Law, and the Consumer Protection Law. Users are required to accept and comply with these terms and conditions. The operational use of Hami System Sharif's payment services requires a separate contract between Hami System Sharif and customers.

  • In order to provide all services and prevent potential misuse, Hami System Sharif provides instant communication channels with customer support.
  • If an unsuccessful payment amount is not returned to the payer's account after 72 hours, the user must submit the exact payment information to Hami System Sharif support for review and follow-up.
  • After signing the contract, access to Hami System Sharif's web services will be created and provided to the user in the first opportunity during the company's working hours. A dedicated technical representative will be introduced to each user (organizational customers) after signing the contract to track technical issues.
  • If the user does not wish to continue cooperation, the contract can only be canceled based on the contract termination clauses.

Account Requirements

  • The user is required to complete the service contract with their own identity information.
  • The user is required not to share their account information, passwords, and tokens related to Hami System Sharif services with others.
  • The user is responsible for all actions taken in their account with Hami System Sharif.
  • The user is required to notify Hami System Sharif in writing if their residential information changes.
  • The use of Hami System Sharif's services in any of the following activities is prohibited:
    • Use of VPN and tools to bypass the filtering of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    • Various types of firearms and cold weapons
    • All items prohibited by the Computer Crimes Law of the country
    • Cigarettes and other tobacco products
    • Lottery tickets, gambling, and betting
    • Goods or services that in any way encourage or facilitate illegal activities
    • Goods or services that have not been approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran and do not have the necessary permits
    • Goods or services that in any way violate the rights of the publisher (contrary to copyright laws)
    • Goods that pose a serious risk to the consumer
    • Goods that are prohibited by law to be traded
    • Contraband goods
    • Alcoholic beverages and intoxicating beverages
    • Any kind of hacking, intrusion, and unauthorized access

Business Requirements

  • A user can represent several businesses with different levels of access.
  • The responsibility for all activities carried out in each business lies with the CEO of that business.
  • Business representatives must be introduced to Hami System Sharif through a formal letter from the CEO and other signatories of that business.
  • Based on the laws governing trade in Iran, Hami System Sharif will suspend the business user account if it discovers that unauthorized services are being provided.
  • The use of Hami System Sharif's services in any online portal that is in violation of the laws and professional ethics governing trade in Iran is prohibited. In the event of identification, in addition to suspension of the account, the information will be provided to the relevant authorities.
  • In the event of receiving a judicial ruling to provide specific user information to the judiciary, Hami System Sharif will provide the information to the relevant authority.

Payment Gateway Requirements

  • Businesses are committed to using the received gateway only in the industry and website declared by themselves. In the event of identification of a violation, Hami System Sharif is authorized to suspend the payment gateway and business user account and block the amounts until receiving a judicial order.
  • After granting the payment gateway and implementing the necessary settings, Hami System Sharif ensures compliance with all business frameworks. Obviously, before the payment gateway is approved, it will not be possible to perform transactions on the gateway. Hami System Sharif provides the test environment required by the business technical team.

Requirements and Terms of Use of Hami System Sharif Website Content

  • Hami System Sharif is not responsible for the content published in the links it has created to other websites.
  • It is permissible to use the content of the Hami System Sharif website by mentioning the source and direct link.
  • Unauthorized copying without a direct link to the Hami System Sharif website is subject to legal action.