Professional solutions for Large Enterprises and Corporations

Running and Supporting Organizational Portals

Considering the development of web-based technologies and also the people’s trust in the information provided in these portals, many organizations are moving towards organizational or private portal systems.

A portal will enable organizations to reduce the expenses and increase the pace at which material will be published. The company will also be able to publish any material at any time of the day.

Portals, aside from the services that they provide for organizations, also grant them novel economical and executive opportunities. In other words, organizational portals lay the ground for mutual cooperation, and make possible the use of professional potentials and also the investments of different parties and different activities.

Electronic Payment Services

Secure electronic payment solutions for different enterprises

Today, most businesses are using e-commerce platform and the number of these businesses is growing everyday. Payment systems have always been among the main pillars of e-commerce. These businesses require a secure, accessible, and reliable platform for financial transactions, which is considered as a significant challenge.

Hami System Sharif constructs and implements suitable systems for different businesses so that the customers can finalize their financial transactions in a secure and reliable background.

The payment systems that we provide are equipped with mechanisms of error detection, recognition and prevention of infiltrations, prevention of financial abuse, controlling the payment process, transaction history and many other equipment which will be granted upon the customers so that they can manage their businesses more conveniently.

Design and Development of Mobile Applications

Consultations, analysis, designing, implementation, and development of applications on smart phones, tablets and smart watches

In recent years, different corporations and organizations show a tendency to provide services on the basis of smart phones and other portable devices; hence, they need consultations with companies that know these services well and can present such applications for the customers.

Hami System Sharif conducts activities such as consultation, analysis, design, implementation and development of applications of smart phones, tablets, and smart watches for organizations which need such services.

We utilize the most up-to-date technology to create high-quality applications. The most effective driving force behind the development of such programs in our company belongs to the spirit of teamwork which is dominant over our technicians.

We provide services that meet global demands and standards, using state-of-the-art tools and technologies to allow our customers feel the genuine Android and iOS experience.


A Dire need in any large scaled corporation and organization

Entering into the world of virtual communications and the transformation of the old organizational systems into full automated and mechanized ones, every company will need an organizational e-mail.

Pertaining to this topic, Hami System Sharif runs operational and executive servers for large companies and corporations in need and uses resources at hand to provide suitable and convenient solutions and services. Our experts and technicians will help the customers in achieving such aims. We have, so far, implemented several systems for numerous customers and the authentic and reliable experience that is granted upon the customers can validate our company’s claim and act as proof to our precision and support.

Design and development of organizational customers club

Customer club as a novel means towards mutual and beneficial relations with customers

Any customer club is formed with the sole purpose of gathering customers in one unified framework.

After gathering the required information from the customers, a plan will be made according to the customers’ needs, with the focus being on correct management and effective relations with the customers. Mostly, successful organizations with large numbers of customers, use this novel means of relations to connect with the customers.

The most important aim in creating a customer club is to form mutually beneficial relations with the customers. A customer return to the website for further transactions will result in a win-win situation. It is needless to say that the customer satisfaction is highly dependent on the quality of the company services.

Hamrah-e-avval Cyan Club is amongst the most successful projects designed and implemented in this field by our company.

Value Added Services (VAS)

We provide Applications, SMS and USSD services

With years of successful experience with Hamrah-e-Avval operator, Hami System Sharif has been pioneering in the field of mobile VAS and content generation.

One of our most successful products is the system designed for selling Hamrah-e-Avval credit using VAS, named Hami Package. This system provides customers with Hamrah-e-Avval credit with noticeable discounts.

Our most important aim in the field of VAS is to provide high-quality services, using the most up-to-date technologies at hand.

Setting Up Private and Virtual Servers

Servers perfectly suited to your demands

Hami System Sharif is able to establish, run, and manage private and virtual servers in traditional and also modern ways.

Our experts provide the aforementioned services according to the needs of the customers and their opinions.

Using virtual servers results in lower costs, in comparison with private servers; the former also has less power in comparison with the latter. We provide potent virtual servers suited to the needs of organizations and monitor them perpetually to make sure of them working fluently, thus helping organizations manage their businesses better.

Security and
Penetration testing

Security in every system as the highest priority

In the current era, safekeeping of information is one of the most important concerns of every organization. Considering the threat that every organization faces regarding leakage of information, safekeeping the information and their immunity to change is of high significance.

Hami System Sharif team of specialists, being familiar with different sorts of threats and attacks that could harm systems in an organization, prevent the threats and provide the most suitable solutions for keeping the information secure.

We provide security tests and, by doing so, reduce the risk of such threats by 5% and in case of any future attack, we can easily locate them.

Performing Functionality and Software Utility Tests

A Set of functional and non-functional tests to ensure software performance and behaviour of final product

Producing software according to the necessities and requirements mentioned by the customers and also earning the customer satisfaction has always been amongst the goals that Hami System Sharif seeks to achieve.

Our testers, knowing the demands that the customer aims to meet using the software, start designing test cases and test suites. We currently focus on functional tests and non-functional tests.

In functional tests, the tester will focus on the function of the application, which should be carried out in the form of black box testing.

In non-functional tests, the tester will focus on the content of the user and how easily the user can work with the software. In this stage, GUI or UX tests will be conducted, followed by load test, which is one of the most important phases of non-functional tests. Finally, user acceptance test shall be brought under attention which is done in the form of a meeting with the purpose of acknowledging the customer satisfaction with the project.